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Irit Lev


  A celebration of life in Colorful Paintings, Bronze Sculptures and Jewelry   

Irit's  interest in art began at the very young age, at the age of 13 she won first prize in a national art contest.  In 1974 she graduated from the University of Washington with a master’s degree, in Art Education.  Since then she has been exhibiting and selling her art around the world.


In discussing her art, Irit explains, “I have opened myself up to new experiences and have made use of the different creative studios in the various places I have lived.  Perhaps, that is why there is so much variety in my work.”  The variety is seen in the many different media she uses, yet her preferred subject is the human body.  ”I always work with a live model. I find the human body to be a beautiful God-given form.  My work contains the emotions and moods vibrating from the subject, which when mixed together with the physical surroundings and my state of mind breathe life into my creation.”

“I enjoy working with various materials- charcoal, pastels, acrylics and watercolor.  My sculptures are sculpted in clay and cast in bronze. Some are transformed into little miniature stylized sculptured Jewelry.”

Irit's sculptures combine the realism of form with an impressionist, cubists view as affected by light and shadow.  This amalgamation of objective truth of form, with the subjective interpretation of the subject, makes each work unique and reflect the holism of her art.

“In my acrylic paintings I interpret beauty by using a rich colorful pallet. In my watercolors I often prefer a soft flowing image.”


Inspired by Joyful Grandchildren, Irit expanded her sculptural talent to create a series of fun-loving bronze babies and mischievous puppies. or


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