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Nude Sculptures for sale at the Artist Association Gallery Jerusalem, Israel.

19/2/22 -19:00 - Opening of a group exhibit in Bat Yam Gallery until 26/3/2022

address: Simha Holzberg st.18, Bat Yam



                                 FORMAL EDUCATION

1967                      Graduated from Lincoln High School, Seattle,                                                       Washington, U.S.A.

1967 –1969         Art and Education Dept. University of Washington,                                           Seattle, U.S.A. 

1969 –1971        Graphic Art Dept. Betzalel Art Academy, Jerusalem,                                         Israel

1971 –1972         Graduated Israel Seminary for Teachers of Art, Israel.

1972 –1974         Master of Art Education for Teachers, University of                                           Washington, U.S.A.


1994 - 2022         Member and exhibiting at the Artist Association                                                 Gallery Jerusalem, Israel.

2009 - 2022         Member of the artist guild-igud-omanim Tel Aviv

2010 - 2022         Member of the artist guild Bat Yam

                                  CURATING AND EDITING

1982 – 1984        Camden Art Center London

1985 – 1987        American Women Club Brussels

1988                       Alliance Francoise Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.

2002 -  2006        American international Women Club Geneva


1962                      National Youth Art Competition, Haifa, Israel.

1966                      Prize winner Golden Art Award, Washington State Art                                                            Competition.

1971 - 1980       Several one woman shows Savion, Jersalem, Omer, Naharia,                                              Israel.

1973 - 1976        Group exhibitions, Bellevue Art Fair, Seattle Washington, U.S.A.

1979                      Private Gallery Exhibition Houston, Texas.

1982 - 1983        Camden Art Centre, St Johns Wood, & Holland Park London,                                              England.

1984 - 1992       Paintings and sculptures, various galleries:  London, England.

1985 – 1987      Curating exhibits and Art Editing for the American Women Club                                        Brussels, Belgium

1985                     One woman show, Maison Des Amis Belges Brussels and                                                      Terviuren, Belgium.

1986                     Two group showings, American Women’s Club, Brussels,                                                      Belgium.

1987                     Major retrospective, Romi Goldmuntz Centrum Gallery,                                                         Antwerp, Belgium.

1988                     Alliance Francoise Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.

1993 - 1997       David Gallery Jerusalem, Israel. Sculptures and paintings                                                     exhibition

1994 - 2022       Artist Association Gallery Jerusalem, Israel. (On-go exhibition)

1994                     Members exhibition Jerusalem Association of Artists, Israel.

1995 - 1997       Sculptures & paintings, Holdsworth, Arden, Isrtal Galleries -                                                 Woollahra Art Gallery –

                                Double Bay, P L C Exhibitionists-Strawberry Hills, Sydney,                                                     Australia.,                                                             

2000                     National Liberary of Bair-Sheva, Israel

2001                     Museum Bait Hatanach Tel-Aviv, Israel

2002 - 2004       Sculptures on exhibit in Gallery de la Cite, and Deforge Geneva,                                         Switzerland

2002 - 2005       Painting & sculptures exhibit- American International women’s                                            club Geneva, Switzerland

2003                     Group show in Gallery Art Vermes Geneva, Switzerland.                 

2004 - 2005       Europ’Art - Palexpo, Geneve, Switzerland.  Galerie de  Grancy –                                         IAM – Lausanne, Switzerland.

2005                    Atelier Portes Ouvertes group exhibition in Villa du Jardin Alpin.                                           Sculpture exhibition in

                              Hostellerie de la Vendee, Geneva, Switzerland and City Green,                                          France.

2006                   Sculptures and watercolors exhibition - Gallery de la Cite                                                      Geneva, Switzerland.

2007                    Sculptures and paintings: Gallery Gvanim, Gallery Droval Ramat                                      Hen, Israel                                       

2008-2009       Gallery Or and several exhibits in Ramat HaHayal Jaffa Tel Aviv,                                       Gallery I.C.U Haifa, Israel.

2010                    Ein Hod Gallery Group exhibits, sculptures exhibit Bait Lehem                                           Haglilit, Israel

2010-2013        Annual group exhibit Mamilla Alrov, Jerusalem. Bait Gabriel                                                Gallery Sea of Galilei.  Exhibiting paintings on Old Jaffa’s walls.                                         Gallery Aurelia Paradis, Kikar Hamdina Tel Aviv Israel.

2012                    Museum Castel Mahale Edomim, Israel

2012-2013        Museum Riback Bat Yam, Israel group exhibit – Painters and                                              Sculptors Association of Bat Yam, Israel

2013-2019        Paintings and sculptures at Scots Hotel Tiberius and Amiad                                                Exhibition Gallery, Jaffa Tel Aviv.  

2014-to 2019   Ongoing exhibitions in Tel Aviv: Gan Ha’ir open air gallery.                                                       Rachel Timor’s Gallery, Tel Aviv.

                               Gallery of Art and Music and Artist Guild gallery, Jerusalem.  

2014-2020         Israeli Annual Art Exhibition Bank Hapoalim /Aids Task force-                                             yearly donation.

2017                     Museum Ha-Chan Ashkelon, Israel

2018                    Port Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2022                    Artist Guild gallery,  Mamilla Alrov, Jerusalem. Ramat Aviv                                                     public space, Tel Aviv.  Bat Yam Artist

                              Group exhibit, Bat Yam. 

& Expertise

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